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The Brotherhood is proud to continue to act as a membership organization for Sephardic families across the country. We welcome Jewish individuals from all community backgrounds to join our ranks and become a part of our over 100 year old organization. Membership in the Brotherhood covers the member, the member's spouse, and the member's children under age sixteen. Members may apply for educational scholarships or for financial assistance through programs like the Henry J. Perahia fund for the Needy. Members are also entitled to a burial plot in a Brotherhood cemetery and payments towards the costs of a funeral and monument. Members will also receive our weekly newsletter, La Boz Sefaradi - The Sephardic Voice, via email and a copy of our quarterly print magazine, El Ermanado Sefaradi.

Members are required to pay a small annual membership fee and a one time initiation fee that varies according to the age of an applicant.


For more information on membership, costs, and benefits, please contact the Brotherhood's Main Office at 718-685-0080 or

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