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Sephardic Youth & Young Professionals 

Explore all our Sephardic Youth and Young Professionals Programs

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Sephardic Scholars Program

Explore our flagship educational program - each year we award $50,000 in financial scholarships to High School, College, and Graduate Students around the country.

Bivas - The Ladino High School Club of America

The first of its of its kind national Sephardic youth movement for Sephardic teens in grades 9-12, dedicated to building the next generation of Sephardic leaders in America.

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Sephardic Young Professionals Network

A venue where young professionals of Greek Jewish and Sephardic descent in their 20s and 30s can come together in a fun, meaningful, and welcoming environment, focused on learning about their traditions and connecting to their heritage. 


Sephardic Birthright Trip

A specially designed, free 10-day Sephardic Israel experience in partnership with the Birthright Israel Foundation dedicated to young adults ages 18-26.

Sephardic Adventure Camp

 Sephardic Adventure Camp (SAC) is the only overnight Sephardic Summer camp in North America and is dedicated to imbuing a lifelong love for Sephardic Judaism among our community's children ages 8-16.

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