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Bivas - the Ladino High School Club of America

Bivas - the Ladino High School Club of America is the first of its kind national Sephardic youth movement dedicated to building the next generation of Sephardic leaders in America. The program welcomes Jewish teens in grades 9-12 throughout the United States from all backgrounds, with the goal of empowering them to connect with Sephardic Judaism in a holistic way. Through cultural engagement, Ladino language infusion, the study of Sephardic customs and traditions, Sephardic Torah, and connecting with other teens from throughout country, we are looking to cultivate a desire for and capacity to lead meaningful Sephardic Jewish lives in the 21st century.

The program has both national and local components, with a national teen youth board, National Sephardic Shabbatonim throughout the United States, weekly  online learning and planning sessions with Sephardic community educators, and local Ladino Clubs in participating High Schools. Students are invited to start their own local Ladino Clubs in their High Schools, organize Sephardic cultural celebrations and learning opportunities with support of our professionals team, and become active leaders in the American Sephardic Community.

This movement will build and empower the next generation of leaders in the Sephardic community and prepare them for new challenges we face in the modern era; these will one day be our future synagogue and community center presidents, agency executive directors, and spiritual leaders.

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