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Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation of Indianapolis

Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation is preparing to celebrate its 110th year in Indianapolis. Founded by Sephardic Jews from the city of Salonica in modern day Greece, as well as from Monastir (Bitola) and Turkey, Sephardic traditions and heritage run deep in this congregation.Today, Etz Chaim is, like many of our sister congregations, a mixed community. With many Sephardic Jews left, we welcome members from all walks of life and backgrounds, including Israelis, Mizrahim, Persians, and Ashkenazim.

Etz Chaim is blessed to have incredible members and community leaders today, many of whom still bearing the names of those individuals who founded the congregation over a century ago. But like all Sephardic congregations, and all Jewish communities, we are constantly trying to find meaningful ways to reinitiate the communal bonds that seem far too fragile in these times.

Today, Etz Chaim celebrates and worships with over 250 families. There are currently daily minyanim, adult education classes, and one-on-one bar and bat mitzvah classes, as well as extracurricular youth and family classes. Etz Chaim is also thriving culturally, with monthly community programs, including family events, lectures, cultural events, and more. Etz is proud to be a part of the wider Indianapolis Jewish community and is well known for being a welcoming observant congregation, with great Oneg Shabbat luncheons, communal meals, and Sephardic Galas.

Community Profile

Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation


President: Alan Cohen

Hazan: Rabbi Shimaon Cohen

Services and Community

Daily, Shabbat and Holiday Services 

Community classes, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Classes, Community Banquets, Sephardic Youth Programs, Sephardic Sisterhood

Contact Information 

Office: (317)-251-6220 |

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