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Sephardic World Map

Visiting another country? Looking to explore other Sephardic Communities? Check out our new global map of Ladino-speaking Sephardic Communities around the world! A new initiative of the Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America, the Sephardic World Map works to help our members and communities around the world locate and connect with other sister Ladino-Sephardic communities. Each marker highlights a specific community with an active Sephardic presence, providing information on the community's history, current status, leadership, and contact information. We hope this allows you to get a better sense of de los muestros (our own) communities as we continue to build an international network of Sepharadim in the 21st century. 

Have a tip on a community we've missed? Discovered some new information that you think might be helpful? Interested in supporting our work? Reach out! For more information, reach out to us via email at

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