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Sephardic Adventure Camp

Sephardic Adventure Camp (SAC) is the only overnight Sephardic Summer camp in North America and is dedicated to imbuing a lifelong love for Sephardic Judaism among our community's children. Campers ages 8-16 join us every summer in beautiful Washington State for three amazing weeks of fun and learning. Participants come from our Sephardic communities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, and Spain. We a robust professionals staff and volunteer core, our camp specializing in providing campers with a effusion of Sephardic Torah, Tefillah, Culture, Foods,and Language throughout all elements of camp. With daily Ladino 101 sessions, Torah learning, Sephardic cooking and baking, an incredible Shabbat celebrations, SAC gives kids a tremendous sense of pride in their Sephardic identity. Coupled with our fantastic camper activities including biking, hiking, swimming, sports, horseback riding, and more, campers make friendships and memories that last a lifetime. 

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