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Henry J. Perahia Funds for the Needy


Throughout the history of the Brotherhood our members have organized the resources and support necessary to help our brethren in their greatest times of need. During the Great Depression, the Brotherhood provided financial assistance to those who were unemployed and couldn't make ends meet. During World War II, fundraising efforts supported the U.S. national war effort and Jewish communities in Greece, Turkey, and the Balkans. After the Holocaust, the Brotherhood helped to integrate over 1,000 Greek Jewish survivors, many of them directly from the concentration camps of Europe, to the United States and into our communities. The Brotherhood was also instrumental in the creation of the Sephardic Home for the Aged, and has worked to raise funds to support the State of Israel throughout its history. 

Today, the Henry J. Perahia Funds for the Needy distributes financial support to those members who face economic hardship. These funds have served as a lifeline to countless individuals and families in need around the country and continue to embody the mission of the Brotherhood.

Henry J. Perahia
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