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Temple Moses Sephardic Congregation of Florida

Temple Moses, also known as Sephardic Congregation of Florida is one of the largest orthodox Sephardic congregations in Florida, following traditions and customs brought from Turkey and Cuba by its founding fathers more than 80 years ago. Its mission is to ensure the continuation of the Sephardic legacy, heritage, and traditions through active engagement with the next generation of Sephardic Jews in America.

Originally known as Cuban Sephardic Hebrew Congregation, the community was founded in 1968 by Cuban Jewish refugees forced into exile during the early 1960's. These refugees originally derived their lineage from Ottoman Jewish communities in Istanbul, Salonica, and other major cities in the Balkans before arriving in North America at the turn of the 20th century. The commitment to perpetuate its heritage and tradition combined with tireless effort helped to create Temple Moses community that is a living monument to the plight of Sephardic communities around the world.

The synagogue is an extended family; a place of strength, comfort and inspiration. A place to join with others, committed to the hard but rewarding work of continuing in rich Sephardic traditions and to fulfill the dreams that our children and grandchildren will grow up, having inherited a fabulous Sephardic heritage.


The Congregation sponsors a wide array of religious, educational and cultural programs for adults and kids. The Congregational societies include the Sisterhood, the Youth Center, the Bikur Holim, and the local Chapter of FESELA. Youth programs like the Moses Montessori School, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Club, and Sephardic Youth League continue to help engage the next generation of Sephardic Jews in America. Although Sephardic in orientation, Temple Moses welcomes all Jews. It encourages a sense of community and is proud of the prevailing family spirit among the members. Today, the congregation plays host to over three hundred Sephardic families and continues to serve the wider Sephardic community of Florida and the United States. 

Community Profile

Temple Moses
1200 Normady Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Rabbi: Daniel Hadar
Hazzan: Nissim Elnecavé
President: Roberto Behar

Services and Community
Daily, Shabbat, and Holiday Services, Moses Montessori Pre-School, Bar and Bat Misva Club, La Cocina Sephardic Kitchen, Youth Program

Contact Information
Office: 305-861-6308 | Email:
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