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Publications and Newsletters: La Boz Sefaradi - The Sephardic Voice


The Brotherhood publishes its newsletter, La Boz Sefaradi - The Sephardic Voice, weekly to hundreds around the country and around the world. La Boz includes news on upcoming Sephardic events, youth and student programming, synagogue developments, news from the wider Sephardic world, and Ladino resources. 
Below you can find our latest Newsletter as well as previous Newsletters. If you would like to be added to our email list, please feel free to subscribe.

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This Week's La Boz Sefaradi

Previous Editions of La Boz Sefaradi

September 01, 2017

Newsletter 53

August 04, 2017

Newsletter 52

August 18, 2017

Newsletter 51

August 11, 2017

Newsletter 50

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