Welcome to the Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America!

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About Us
About Us

Learn more about our mission, history, leadership, and community

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Sephardic and Ladino Resources
Sephardic and Ladino Resources

Find out about some of the incredible resources we offer for learning Ladino (Judeo-Espanyol), accessing Sephardic academia, and much more!

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Welcome to the Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America!

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About Us

The Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America is the largest Sephardic benevolent organization of its kind in the United States. Our mission is to support the financial, social, educational, and religious welfare of Sephardic families who derive their lineage from the Ladino-speaking Jewish communities of Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans. Through a host of services and programs, the Brotherhood is dedicated to caring for and strengthening our Sephardic community.


Founded in 1916 as the Salonician Brotherhood of America, Inc. by immigrant Jews from the city of Salonica (Thessaloniki) in modern day Greece, the Brotherhood has worked to serve the most needy in our communities and create a home for Sephardic Jews from around the world.

Sephardic Resources

The Brotherhood prides itself on providing all different types of resources to our membership and the wider Sephardic community. In addition, on this website you can find introductory information on Ladino (Judeo-Espanyol) which is the traditional language spoken by Sephardic Jews.

Our new Sephardic Songs and Hazzanut Database can help anyone learn the traditional liturgy from Sephardic communities worldwide. Our partnerships with various academic institutions link rare manuscripts and educational resources to the wider Jewish world.

News & Announcements
Yom Hashoah - Greek Jewry flyer v2.jpg

Yom HaShoah Lecture: The Romaniote & Sephardic Jews of Greece

Wednesday April 27 at 7:00pm

Join the Sephardic Brotherhood in partnership with Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue & Museum and Congregation Shearith Israel for a special community Yom HaShoah Lecture, commemorating our communities from Greece and the Balkans. Ms. Haddad Ikonomopoulos, an expert on Greek Jewry, will present, with an audio-visual presentation using historic images, the devastating story of the Greek Jews, close to 90% of whom perished in the Shoah.This in person event is free and open to the public.

Sephardic Pesah Guide 2022.png

Sephardic Passover Guide 2022

Thursday March 31 2022

Pesah Alegre! We want to wish you all a happy Passover, filled with joy, laughter, and love of our Sephardic traditions.  We at the Brotherhood want to make sure you all know about some important resources for your Sephardic Passover Seder. Please check out this year's Sephardic Passover Guide to help answer all your questions on how to clean your home for Pesah, what Sepharadim allow and prohibit, and insights into some of our unique customs and traditions.

Programs & Events

Learn more about our incredible Sephardic culture and traditions through some of our amazing community programs and events! 

We believe that engaging with the next generation of Sephardic Jews is critical to ensure our community's ability to thrive. Through initiatives such as our Scholarship Program, Sephardic Birthright Israel Trip, and Young Professionals Network, we are able to help the youth of our communities reconnect with their roots in fun and meaningful ways. 

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Spanish & Portuguese Citizenship Program

Sephardic Citizenship Program

November 2021

Are you interested in obtaining Portuguese Citizenship based on your Sephardic Heritage? Sephardic Brotherhood can help! The Portuguese government have allowed for descendent of Sephardic Jews from the Iberian peninsula to reclaim their ancestral roots through formal citizenship. We are able to help provide supportive documentation for a person's application for citizenship based on their Sephardic heritage.

Ladino Quote of the Week
Community of the Month 

אה לה איסקולה קון באב׳אס אל פ׳יירירו קון בארב׳אס

A la eskola kon bavas, al fierrero kon barvas.

To school with drools and to the blacksmith with a beard.

Every week we highlight a Ladino Quote, a line of poetry, advice, or a common saying used in our Sephardic culture. The sayings are written in Ladino with Hebrew characters, Ladino with Latin characters, and in English. We hope this helps you learn more about the language and culture of our people.

Kehila Kedosha Janina
New York, NY

Every month we highlight a specific Sephardic community in the United States or around the world, each one demonstrating the richness and diversity within our Sephardic communities. Here, you can find out more about specific traditions, history, and songs that are unique to this community.

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