Send your friends and family a unique Sephardic Purim Gift Box and fulfill the misva (commandment) of sending gifts on Purim! Mishloah Manot (lit. Sending of Portions) are gifts of food or drink that are sent to family and friends to help celebrate the holiday of Purim. This special box features unique Sephardic gifts including Halva, Turkish Delight, Turkish Coffee, Turkish Tea, Sesame Candies, Sparkling Cider, and a Turkish Style Coffee Pot (Jizve/Briki)! The box will also include a special Sephardic Purim Guide that helps teach about our Sephardic Customs and Laws for the Holiday, along with some unique Ladino songs and Torah insights. This is a great gift to help your friends and family celebrate this upcoming festive holiday.

Order yours now for $54 with FREE shipping included. Supplies are Limited! You must order your Gift Box by February 11th!


Note some products may contain Walnuts or traces of nuts. Boxes can only be delivered within the Continental United States. For any additional questions please email Co-sponsored with the Sephardic Educational Center.

Sephardic Purim Gift Box - Mishloah Manot

    • All Products are Kosher & Pareve
    • Package of Turkish Coffee
    • Tin of Turkish Tea
    • Sesame Candies
    • Mini-Bottle of Sparkling Cider
    • Turkish Delight/Lokum
    • Israeli Style Halva
    • Chocolate Mezonot Bar
    • Pamphlet on Sephardic Customs for Purim
    • Turkish Coffee Pot (Jizve/Briki)
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